Girl born without right hand transformed into a Disney princess

(CNN)All hail the ice queen! Nine-year-old Karissa Mitchell, born without a right hand and most of her wrist, was gifted with a "Frozen"-themed prosthetic arm last week.

The arm was put together by Enabling the Future, a national organization with a chapter at Siena College in Albany, New York. For its first project in 2015, the student-run Siena e-NABLE group created an Iron Man-themed hand that went to 5-year-old Jack Carder in Ohio.
    This is the first arm that Siena e-NABLE has designed and printed. "They thought it would be a hand, initially, but as they got further involved in the project, they decided she needed a full arm," Rich said.
    The group is continuing to keep in contact with the Mitchell family. "We want to hear her feedback so that we can see how she uses the arm and if there are any improvements we could work on for her," Gleason said.
    As for the little things Karissa can do that excite her, Mitchell said, one of the best is "just being able to pick up a stuffed animal."

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    Karissa's goal is to be able to write with her new hand. She'd like to be able to write her name with it.
    The next project that the group plans to take on is building an arm for a girl named Veronica from Uganda. After an accident, she was forced to have her arm amputated past her elbow.
    Anyone who is in need of an arm or hand is encouraged to contact Siena e-NABLE.
    "It's so amazing to see college students take time from their studies and their social lives to do something like this for somebody else. It's heart-warming," Mitchell said.

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