‘Power’ season 3: We get you ready

(CNN)It’s not easy escaping your past when it haunts you like a “Ghost.”

That’s just what James St. Patrick, a.k.a Ghost, tries to pull off in the gritty drama, “Power,” returning for its third season on Starz on Sunday.
    Omari Hardwick, who stars as St. Patrick, recently told CNN the role is a rewarding challenge for him.
    “Ghost is so complex,” Hardwick said. “It feels good to be able to pull off.”
    St. Patrick is a club owner trying to break free of his drug running past and persona, “Ghost.” His professional struggle becomes personal when he reconnects with a former girlfriend, who also happens to be a federal agent.
    Hardwick said the character’s transition, from street to legit, has been interesting to explore as an actor.
    “I think he was beating himself on the chest, and screaming like a lion, that he was James season one, but was still Ghost,” Hardwick said. “What happened for me was that this season, he actually became, for me, more James/Jamie. I physically, spiritually and mentally, have been wearing him as this guy just claiming to be Jamie, but not yet being Jamie.”
    Allow us to prep you a bit for the new season which we’ll try to do without any major spoilers:

    They fell in love in a hopeless place

    Agent Angela Valdes loves Jamie desperately, but she is also sworn to take down the bad guys, and knows he used to be one.
    Their relationship will not be easy-like-Sunday-morning this season.
    “She has some moral flexibilities to a point, but killing people and selling drugs for a living is beyond the pale for her,” Lela Loren who plays Valdes told XXL Magazine. “I think she does whole-heartedly love him and she wants the vision that she saw him as a boy for him to step into as a man.”

    Tommy boy

    The character of Tommy Egan has been Ghost’s partner and best friend for years, but leaving the drug game behind, also means stepping away from some of the players.
    Tommy has never been the most stable guy and let’s just say his love affair with the mercurial Holly Weaver will lead to some intense story lines.
    Joseph Sikora, who plays Tommy, told Vibe that his wife of many years is a makeup artist who has been on set for a few of the sexy scenes between his character and Holly.
    “It’s not sexy as much as it’s technicaland it’s acting,” he said. “I mean, there’s a certain amount of truth and ‘falling in love’ that has to happen. I believe you need to fall in love with that character, but as soon as they call ‘cut’ and you don’t stop kissing, there’s something wrong with you.”

    New on the scene

    Season 3 will feature a character unlike any seen on TV before. Said new character, has a connection to another, which is sure to be explosive.
    And that’s all we can say.

    Daddy daycare

    Let us not forget that Jamie is still a married man with a family. Will his love for, Angela, cause issues as he tries to navigate his estrangement from wife, Tasha? How will it impact his relationship with his kids?
    Stay tuned!

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