The Shirk Report Volume 411


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And the winner for best picture goes to
It was at that moment Connor knew he had lost
“One sec just gonna get a clearer view”
That’s my boy ðŸ˜
Some college advice from a wise professor
When you run out of things to talk about
Seriously though
Just obeying the law
Fun facts about Germany
Can’t nobody hold me down
Literally can’t do any of these things
Note to self
When your dog fetches you a mound of dirt
Swiggity swooty I’m coming for that booty
Until next week


Why Some Cars Have Gas Tank Fillers On The Left Or The Right
SpaceX plans to send two people around the Moon
How to Be a US Lawyer Without Going to Law School
American Pharoah has retired to a life of sex, sex and more sex
Sand mining: the global environmental crisis you’ve probably never heard of
Behind the Scenery: The Subtle Art of Crafting Public Wilderness Trails
Your Teeth Are Helping Scientists Build Better Airplanes
Want utopia? Start with universal basic income and a 15-hour work week
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
In Search of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

5 VIDEOS + mind. blown.


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