‘Gossip Girl’ star Leighton Meester doesn’t want to discuss her family life in public

Leighton Meester has no problem discussing her music and her new role in FOXs Making History, but she doesn't want to open up about her family. 

I find it to be an important element when Im talking to girlfriends and catching up with whats going on in each others lives, explained the 31-year-old actress to Coveteur. "...But I think women need to be held up and supported and lauded for their achievements outside of their marital status. It definitely makes you feel more accomplished when youre being supported for your intelligence, your character, your achievements.


Meester said won't discuss her family with the media.

Trust me, in my personal life with my friends, its a huge topic of conversation, because its your daily life and a lot of the time in your daily life, she said. But when it comes to work, its not what makes you, you.

That also explains why Meester was drawn to her character Deborah Revere, the daughter of American Patriot Paul Revere, who fights for womens equality.


Deb is ahead of her time, and shes questioning womens place in society and how theyre treated, she explained. She time-travels to modern day, and its a funny fish-out-of-water scenario, yet she also brings up just because of her innocence and naivety about modern Well, arent women equal now? I cant believe women dont have equal pay. Up until recently, women were expected to stay home and get married at a young age and just do the cooking and cleaning and child-raising.

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