Politicians Genius Christmas Card Pokes Fun At His Grumpy Son

Frostiness has never been so cute.

A politician in Australia and his family have created the perfect Christmas card thanks to the adorable antics of their son.

Lots of children get salty when they have to take a few minutes out of their very busy being-freakin’-kids schedules to pose for a family photo. But Zachary, the then-3-year-old son of Australian politician Andrew Leigh, let his inner Grinch fly free last year when his family posed for this hilarious Christmas card:

David Foote
The youngest son of Australian politician Andrew Leigh did not look pleased to be in this photo last year.

Making the best out of a bad situation, Leigh posted the photo online, where people fell in love with the world’s tiniest Scrooge.

”We had a photo shoot which of course involved everyone standing still and looking in the same direction,” Leigh told The Canberra Times. “Zachary decided, not unreasonably, that was fun for a bit but he wanted to go and do something else and he was a little put out when the rest of the family didn’t want to play.”

This year the family decided that when the world gives you a lemon-y son, make fun of him, which they certainly do in their fantastic 2016 card.

“You might remember last year my family Christmas card got a bit of extra attention due to a star turn from my youngest, Zachary,” Leigh wrote on Facebook. “We were never going to top that but we wanted to pay homage to Zachary’s work from last year, so we all had a go at our own toddler pout.” 

Courtesy of Andrew Leigh
The Leigh family displays their best toddler pouts in the 2016 card.

What a gift!

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