‘Second Wives Club’ star Shiva Safai talks 33-year age gap with her man, dishes on Gigi and Bella Hadid

Shiva Safai is engaged to real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid and shes willing to share their ups and downs in front of cameras.

The 35-year-old model and entrepreneur is appearing in E!s! new series, Second Wives Club where she, along with three other celebrity wives, will chronicle what their high-profile relationships are really like. Safai spoke with Fox News about the couples 33-year age gap, and being welcomed by fashions It girls, her future stepdaughters Gigi and Bella Hadid:

Fox News: What prompted you to join a show like Second Wives Club?
Shiva Safai: If you had asked me five years ago, Would you do a reality show? I would have said, Theres no way. But having friends on different reality shows [made me see] it can be a great platform, and with the right show it would be a fun experience It just felt right and it would show [viewers] the new modern family, the blended family and our everyday struggles.

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Fox News: How did you and Mohamed Hadid meet?
Safai: It was just one of those random days. I met with a girlfriend and we went to have lunch. Mohamed was there waiting for his friend and it was an instant attraction. I dont know if it was his piercing blue eyes that attracted me, but I just found him very different and intriguing. We connected on Facebook after that... He then asked me out on a date and it was just an instant chemistry. Everything felt so right and it was so comfortable. It was so easy and I felt that we met each other at the right time in our lives.

Fox News: Whats your relationship like with Mohameds daughters Bella and Gigi?
Safai: Going into a relationship with someone who has kids, you dont just wanted to get accepted by him, but also by all of his kids. Ive been very blessed, honestly, to be welcomed into the family, not only by Gigi and Bella, but by all his kids. Im truly grateful for that.

Fox News: When did he proposed?
Safai: He proposed two years later. We went to Bali and it was New Years Eve As soon as we finished dinner, he pulled up my chair and said, I need to have a talk with you. I really thought I had done something wrong! He then started tearing up and the rest, honestly, I cant remember because I was balling. I was crying so much. And then I saw the ring and I was crying even more. I dont remember the words he was saying, but I know I said Yes! It was exactly what I wanted.

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Fox News: One of the challenges you will tackle in the show is how Mohamed has taken a more relaxed approach to setting the wedding date. Why do you believe hes taking his time?
Safai: Being divorced myself, I understand. Theres a lot of fear, especially for him, who has had two divorces in his past... I think its the fear that things might change after we get married, so hes very hesitant about that. Hes like, I just dont want anything to change. I think its fear.


Fox News: Why address a personal issue in front of cameras?
Safai: Ive been very honest with who I am. Ive never tried to portray something different than what the reality is Ive just been very open and so has Mohamed. Why not do a show and share our life? Some people are also just so quick to judge and label you just because of your age gap, so I just felt that this will give the viewers a different picture. They can see how our relationship really is and how truly committed we are towards one another.

Fox News: Did Mohamed finally set the date?
Safai: Well, for that youve gotta wait and see the show! I cant tell you that.

Fox News: What about children in the future?
Safai: Ive learned in my past that trying to plan things never really worked out. I now go with the flow and whatever is meant to be, will be. If theres kids in our future, thats wonderful. If there isnt, were both so content and happy with where we are in life that its not something were constantly bringing up.

Fox News: Let's go back to that age gap. Does it bother you when people bring it up? 
Safai: It did in the beginning, just because I wasnt used to it. It would bother me a lot, it would get to me. I felt like it was so mean for people to just judge you without knowing your journey... It used to bother me a lot, but then I realized I dont need to prove myself to anyone. I am who I am, my family loves and supports us so the rest? Thats not my problem.


Fox News: How do you feel about being a third wife, a theme that the show tackles?
Safai: I never want to live up to someone elses expectations or try to fill in anyones shoes. Clearly, they didnt work out, right? At the end of the day, we truly respect each other and support each others decisions. I dont know, were like two peas in a pod! So I dont need to prove myself to anyone. As long as were happy and were both content, thats all that matters.

"Second Wives Club" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on E!.

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