Late-night hosts on ‘covfefe’ tweet: ‘Trump really does have the best words’

Comics, including Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah, discussed the presidents notorious gaffe and the latest controversies swirling around his son-in-law

On Wednesday night, late-night hosts Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah tackled everything from covfefe to Jared Kushner to climate change, making light of the presidents now infamous Twitter gaffe and discussing his son-in-laws apparent ensnarement in the Russia investigation.

Full Frontals Bee, a harsh critic of the administration, began with the latest news out of the White House. Sometimes I tease the president, but tonight I want to salute him for keeping a campaign promise, she said, referencing a clip in which then candidate Trump pledged to withdraw for the Paris climate deal. Oh, right that was a campaign threat.

She went on to address the weeks viral meme. Last night, for five blessed hours, Donald J Trump made America truly great. He really does have the best words. The Twitterverse greeted covfefe with unfettered rapture. For that glorious interlude between midnight and 5am, we were like passengers on the Titanic who decided to say fuck it and rock out to the band.

She went on: This is what happens when youve abstained from your phone for nine days, alluding to the presidents first trip abroad. You just ejaculate just like that.

Later in the segment, Bee addressed reports that Kushner is the latest person of interest in the FBIs investigation into the Trump campaigns dealings with the Kremlin. We cant assume Jared knowingly broke the law. Its possible that the Russians planted this story to screw with us, she said. Its also possible that the person Potus trusts with negotiating Middle East peace, reforming the criminal justice system, solving the opioid epidemic, advising the commander-in-chief, and reinventing the entire government is just a complete fucking idiot.

Over at Comedy Central, The Daily Shows Noah also got in a few covfefe jokes. I dont know about America, he began, but Donald Trump has definitely made Twitter great again. Im just going to enjoy this moment. I dont care if its coverage or not coverage. People were searching covfefe on the internet like it was a Kim Kardashian nude.

As much as covfefe was a gaffe, he continued, it must have been nice for the White House to have a Trump blunder that, for a change, didnt threaten national security. And more importantly, it provided a welcome distraction from the fallout that came from his recent foreign trip.

Noah then aired a string of clips from press secretary Sean Spicers recent press briefing, in which he claimed the trip earned universal praise, referring to it as a semi-revolution.

Wow, a semi-revolution, Noah joked. What does that mean? Did you cut off half the kings head?

Not only is this ignoring criticism of the trip which spanned Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican and last weeks Nato summit theyre basically saying it was the greatest presidential trip of all time.

To help understand this, think of the Trump administration as a chef. Before the trip, they would make excuses for why they burned your food. Im so sorry for what happened to your healthcare alfredo, Noah said, putting on his best American accent. Now the chef just comes over to your table and explains why your burnt-ass rock steak is the finest meal youve ever had.

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