Lil B’s curse on Kevin Durant strikes back as Warriors return to the NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers will meet once again with the title on the line after the Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals Mondayand one rapper is claiming credit.

Lil B, whos known for his Twitter-driven curses on other big starsparticularly basketball playersfrom his “Based God” moniker, directed a victory tweet toward any doubters of his power following the final whistle.

Whether the Warriors win was a major comeback or something else entirely (if you believe the conspiracy theories) is irrelevant, because Lil Bs curse on the Thunders Kevin Durant apparently had the last word.

Their off-and-on feud, complete with cursing, is the stuff of Twitter legend. But here the Thunder were dominant early onsome Based God magic was required.

B (born Brandon McCartney) was a careful observer of the Thunder-Warriors series, and even when the Thunder emerged with a commanding 3-1 lead he didnt pivot. Lil B even praised Durant for trying to break the curse.

But Lil B never doubted the inevitability of Golden State.

And so Durant is without an NBA championship despite nine hyped years as the league’s next dominant superstar, and everyone is once again celebrating the power of Lil B.

While most of the other NBA teams are done this year, they might already be trying to get on His good side for next season.

No word yet on which narrative the Based God prefers in the NBA Finals: a repeat to end a near-perfect season for Steph Curry, or redemption for LeBron James.

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