The Bat-Signal Will Shine Over Los Angeles In Tribute To Adam West

Itll be a Dark Knight in Los Angeles, but not for the reasons youre thinking.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti will light up the sky on Thursday with the Bat-signal in honor of actor Adam West.

The event will reportedly happen at 9 p.m. at LA City Hall, with Garcetti and the LA Police Department carrying out the ceremony.Fans are encouraged to show up in costume.

West, known for playing Batman in the 1960s television series, died on Fridayat the age of 88. Since then, various tributes to the actor, including the Bat-signal event, have been announced.

Entertainment Weekly reports Family Guy will also honor the actor. The show will re-air the episode The Dating Game on Sunday, which features West in the recurring role of Mayor Adam West. A tribute card will reportedly run at the start of the episode.

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