This Wireless Charging Pad Might Prove iPhone 8 Will Come Without The Cord

With all the buzz surrounding the charging capabilities of the new iPhone 8, you might be tempted to pass on the latest post about the topic, but the question still remains: Will the iPhone 8 have wireless charging? The latest news seems to indicate that there is a very strong possibility the answer to that question is “yes.” These aren't alleged photos or rumored updates. There is a wireless charger on the market that claims to support “next-gen Apple smartphones.

Mashable reports that RAVpower, a battery and accessories company, is first to announce that they have begun mass production on what they are calling the first wireless charging pad. OK, so the existence of a wireless charger a definitive answer to our question at hand, but the company has another trick up their cordless sleeve. RAVpower told Mashable,

Our sources tell us the next iPhones have special technology for wireless charging that we have in this charger. Our wireless charger will wirelessly charge the next iPhones at full speed, as well as being able to charge other mobile devices wirelessly.

Now, their source is most likely  Apple; it's more of a “friend of a friend” connection. Although, their “friend” is probably pretty close to the head honcho, and it is important to remember that they are spending a lot of time and money producing these wireless chargers. That would be a very bold move to make on some so-so info. RAVpower's website states,

RAVPower's Wireless Charging Pad operates on Qi-wireless charging technology, eliminating the need for cords, or even outlets. RAVPower's Wireless Charging Pad features an industry-leading 10W voltage output — meaning faster charges for next-gen smartphones.

If you're more of a see it to believe it person, then this newe development is very exciting. Of course, you will have to wait until you actually place the coveted iPhone 8 on the Pad (which, according to Mashable, will only run you about$45 – $50) to see if it is true. However, the confidence that RAVPower is exuding in their statements and design is promising enough to get you daydreaming about all those empty outlets in your future. No more ripping your roommate's phone off the cord just to get a little juice.

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